WATCH: Draymond Green Ejected for Yelling at Teammate

The NBA is losing it. First we see the flagrant 2 foul on Boogie Cousins for what was a soft bump at best. And now today, we have Draymond Green for yelling at his own teammate. This is wild. NBA Refs have come back and said it was a mistake and they shouldn't have ejected Draymond, but what recourse is there for the Warriors?

This has got to get settled. The NBA can't keep having these instances arise week after week or it's going to be hard to take this league seriously. It's one thing to protect players and demand respect for the refs. But there's got to be some accountability for the refs and some type of appeal or recourse for the team who's been injured with these strange calls.

Either way, check out the video. It's fascinating.

And here you can see Draymond yelling at his team at the start of the video.

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