Here is Why Dan Mullen is NOT Getting a Contract Extension

Dan Mullen is now a couple years deep on his contract with three years remaining. He's had a fair amount of success at Florida, taking the Gators to the SEC Championship game, getting big name recruits, and maybe most importantly, beating Georgia.

Coaches who have done WAY LESS than that have gotten the coveted contract extension. I'm looking right at you, Scott Frost. But Dan Mullen isn't going to get a contract extension this year. Why?

His foot is too firmly placed in his mouth.

We all know about his press conference blunders. From "packing the Swamp" to his issues with no practice on election day, his press conference faux pas have been well documented. Some would even say they've been cemented in frozen carbonite, but it's what he hasn't done that is keeping the extension out of his grasps.

He never apologized. Publicly, at least. He never once got up and went back on his words even though his bosses came out against what he said. If he apologized for what he said then his bosses would probably be happier with him but instead, he buckled down and with an 8-4 record, it doesn't look good on paper.

Maybe next year when the pandemic is almost finished and politics is out of the minds of most people, maybe then we can have the charismatic Dan Mullen back and he will get his contract extension that will inevitably cost Florida a TON of money, because extensions always cost the schools. But you can bet it won't happen this year.

What do you think? Does he deserve one?

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