Stop the Nonsense Mahomes is Playing

I've seen and heard too many people rumbling around the idea of Mahomes being out this weekend. STAWWWP IT!

Must we always feed into the nonsense? I know it makes a great talking topic. And we'll probably run around the same topic sometime before the week is over, but let's face facts. Mahomes is playing. PERIODT.

You don't get paid multiple millions of dollars, earn an MVP, be pegged as the best player in the league and the second coming of magnificence in the NFL and then sit out the AFC Championship game. It's just not happening. I fully expect the NFL to abide by their concussion protocols... AND I also fully expect, if necessary, they make a decision like the B1GTen did to get Ohio State in the conference title game.

Oh and then there's the toe. Mahomes is apparently having problems with his toe... and nobody cares. That's why the NFL uses top of the line pharmaceuticals, for instances just like this. KC would cut his toe off if they knew they could sew it back on after the superbowl and it wouldn't affect future seasons.

KC is not going to do anything to jeopardize their opportunity to go back-to-back as Superbowl champs. And even more important, the NFL is NOT going to risk the chance to have the "new vs. old" "passing of the torch" Superbowl of Mahomes vs. Brady (which we all know is the game NFL execs want more than anything in this universe)

So let's put to bed this idea that Patrick Mahomes won't play.

He will.


Unless, I'm wrong. Then nevermind.

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