Bucs Conference Title Birth Doesn't Change Brady's Legacy a Bit

Let’s talk about some numbers:

32- that’s the number of playoff wins for tom brady in his career

14- that’s the number of conference title games he has made it to

9- that’s how many conference title games he’s been to in the last 10 years.

6- that's how many Super Bowl rings Brady has with or without another playoff win.

That’s greatness. And it’s greatness we might never see again. Think of how rare that it is, to be that good, to be that successful for that long…in a sport that rewards a quick turnaround, that allows bottom dwellers to rise to the top, and makes it really hard for good teams to remain good for a long time. It’s a sport where at any moment you can take a hit that puts you out for the year or longer…And if you’re thinking…yeah, but the Bucs have all this talent…they do…they also won 7 games last year. Now they’re headed to Lambeau for a shot to play in the super bowl. He makes a difference. He’s that good. And he’s 43.

The funny part is…this does nothing for his legacy…in terms of where it elevates him from here….on a scale from 1 to 10…how do you get higher than a 10? He was already the goat? Is he now "gottier"? Is this possible? This was the gravy stage of his career. Win, lose, or draw. To me, it’s just another thing that makes you shake your head in amazement but it doesn’t change anything. My opinion of brady isn’t any stronger today because he’s taking this team to the conference title game.

This surprises me ZERO percent.

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Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

photo: getty images

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