Nobody Will Beat Urban Meyer and the Jags!

Urban Meyer was introduced as the new Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and EVERY Jags fan should be ecstatic! Not just because of the hype of Urban Meyer, not just because you're about to take the 1st pick in the NFL Draft. But also because in two years, your team will be DIVISION CHAMPS!!

Book it!

Bank it!

Lock it!

Here is the logic in my wild prediction. Look at what's going on in that division as far as QBs are concerned.

#1 - DeShaun Watson wants OUT of Houston. If history tells us anything, when a player wants out, they will be granted out and they will never land inside the division. So Trevor Lawrence and the Jags will not have to worry about him or the Houston Texans.

#2 - Phillip Rivers is almost guaranteed to not be a Colt in two years. Although he has taken the Colts very far this season, at some point the Colts are going to have to address the future of their organization. We all know Phillip Rivers with his age, and lack of playoff success is not it. So cancel out Indy as a real threat to the Jags.

#3 - Ryan Tannehill and the Titans. While this team has the best chance of being a threat, they won't be. It's pretty evident that their miracle run and the fire that lives behind Derrick Henry won't be enough. In times where the game has been placed on Tannehill's head, he hasn't really delivered. While the Titans may be trouble in the upcoming season, by the time we make it to next year, they will barely be a factor is disrupting the avalanche from Duval.

Now of course anything can happen. But anyone taking a real honest look at the AFC South should really be worried about the Jags. Unless Urban Meyer finds a way to royally screw this up, the Jags should be able to lock up division championships for the forseeable future.

Congrats Jax!

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