Is it Time to Admit we were WRONG About Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown is one of those guys that dug himself a hole, then kept digging for a while. Now he is trying to claw his way back and doing so successfully. He's had multiple touchdowns over the last couple of weeks and, more importantly, I haven't written an Antonio Brown story in months!

That's the key to making your way back. Winning + keeping quiet = people forgetting what happened. Is now the time to admit that as an Antonio Brown doubter, I was wrong?

Not yet.

I want to believe that Antonio Brown is rehabilitated and an upstanding citizen, but he is still just one news story, one weird IG Live, one anything to be back in the hole he dug himself. It will take a lot more than a couple good weeks to get me to forget, but I hope he does get me to forget. I just don't have that much faith.

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