Make the NBA Great Again!!

Well that didn't take long. I take back everything I said about Lebron being the GOAT!! I take it all back. ALL OF IT!

While overall what I'm witnessing in the NBA is Lebron's fault, I know the NBA didn't have to give in. If you're lost on why I'm ranting... Boogie Cousins was ejected from a game in the National Basketball Association because of one of the SOFTEST FOULS I've seen in YEARS!!

He wasn't hit with a personal foul, which I could've lived with. He wasn't hit with a technical foul, which I would argued, but still been okay with. He wasn't even hit with a flagrant one, which I would've railed about on the air. He was EJECTED! Are you serious? EJECTED!! (

scroll down to see the bufoonery)

In 1996 this wouldn't even have been a foul. But in 2021 it gets you ejected. This is why the NFL is winning and the NBA will never catch back up. THe NBA used to be a physical game. Now it's softer than powderpuff football. The Lingerie Football League hits harder than the NBA does. And I'm OVER IT!


He was the catalyst to the NBA leaning towards this light foul, no hand checking type of play. He started the boulder down the hill, and Steph Curry and his friends strapped a diesel engine on that rock! The NBA decided they cared more about points and hoping high scoring would turn casual fans to die hard fans. (a move that has NOT happened)

Boogie Cousins should sue. Okay I know that's stupid and outlandish, but that's how ticked I am. I'm wondering when the NBA will figure it out. Or are we doomed to games where the score is 147-118 from now on?

Please... Make the NBA Great Again!

(look at the picture, he even looks like he's about to flop doesn't he?)

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