Nobody is Watching the NBA

The NBA is still trying to salvage all the money it has, and is, losing from COVID, but fans are showing little interest right now. They are averaging just under 1.5M viewers across ESPN and TNT. That's down 18% from last year. But should we count last year? Last year, nobody had anything to do but watch basketball. Either way it's hurting the ratings.

Over on TNT they haven't reached 1M viewers once, over the last eight games.

I think this is strategic though. If you're paying attention, the games the NBA is pumping out, are not top-notch match ups. Of course they can only cover the games on the schedule, but in time slots where they would normally be competing against the NFL, they are giving us games with the Hawks, Hornets, Knicks and the Suns.

To me this is just further evidence that the NBA should forever change their schedule to begin their season after the NFL is over. I know, they don't want to fight with summer vacations. I know indoor sports work better during the winter instead of when people can go out, do things, and have fun. But as we continue to see sports become more of a couch spectator sport than an "event", it might be time for them to explore changing the start date of the season. Especially with the NFL considering adding more games over the next few years.

Bottom line, nobody is watching. Are you?

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