2021 Almost Fooled Us With the Browns

I was waiting for it. And somehow, some way, I KNEW the Browns wouldn't disappoint.

Come on. You also couldn't believe that the Browns actually MADE the playoffs. You were just waiting for them to throw that game last week. It's almost like for the world to keep spinning the Browns have to be at the bottom of the barrel. What barrel? Any barrel that is in the room, the Browns are usually at the bottom of it.

And when the Browns made the playoffs, we looked up and said, maybe 2020 really is over! Maybe the curse of the Browns has been broken. Maybe we've seen a turning point for this team. And then... COVID! And the Browns are back to where we expect them.

In case you missed it, the Browns head coach, tight ends coach, defensive back coach, Pro Bowl left guard Joel Bitonio and Wide Receiver have all been ruled out of Sunday's game after testing positive for COVID-19.

THIS is the Browns. And I wouldn't have expected anything else. 2021 almost fooled us into thinking things had turned around. But in an effort to keep the cosmic continuum rotating as it should, the Browns will have a substitute head coach, and it's almost a guarantee we can expect more positive cases before kickoff on Sunday.

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for Browns fans. You all just can't catch a break.

On a separate note... Are we sure the Steelers aren't secretly infecting their opponents? Do we need to have someone look into that?

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