What Is Dabo Still Screaming About?

Clemson v Notre Dame

Dabo Swinney is furious the game was not played. He blames FSU for basically chickening out of the game and says he won't bring his team back to Tallahassee to play the game unless the Seminoles pay for their travel or they can play the game at Clemson. Florida State officials have their reasons for not playing and just maybe their reason is because they wanted to protect their players and why is anyone arguing that point?

FSU doesn't need another loss to know this season has been a bad one. Clemson's resume for the College Football Playoff committee does not need a 50-point win over FSU to still make the made-for-tv invitational.

Marc talks about that along with the latest news on McKenzie Milton and the first College Football Playoff rankings.

If you missed any of the segment, you can listen to it below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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