So Maybe LaVar Ball Ain't So Crazy... MAYBE

Everyone gave him a hard time. EVERYONE! If you say you didn't I won't believe you. And YES there were a select group of people that supported LaVar Ball and everything he was after. But truth be told, we were all sick of his mouth. Even if we supported his mission, he made it difficult because of his brash, aggressive manner.

But what if LaVar Ball simply realized what it would take to get his sons, ALL OF THEM... into professional basketball. What if he simply understood he was going to have to be as extra, as obnoxious, as over the top, as aggressive as possible to launch international brands under the "Ball" name.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Think about it. One kid was drafted by the LAKERS and considered the future of the organization. Magic Johnson specifically wanted him. How many of us are recruited by Magic Johnson?? Another kid was drafted by the team OWNED BY MICHAEL JORDAN!!! Are you serious right now? And a third kid, although not at the level of his brothers, is still playing pro basketball INTERNATIONALLY!!

Oh yea, and then there is the Big Baller Brand, estimated to be worth somewhere around $4M.

From a distance, with some time under the belt, it looks like LaVar Ball accomplished exactly what he wanted.

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