Which is Better for Golf: A Tiger Win or a Bryson DeChambeau Win?

Golf is in need of a spark and the Masters is the place to do it. 19 months removed from the last Masters tournament where we saw Tiger pull out an unlikely victory, we now have to ask the difficult question. Which will help golf more - a Tiger victory or a young gun winner?

There is nothing quite like Tiger Woods at Augusta National. That's why when he is in the running, life feel good. If he's hitting incredible shots and playing like the Tiger of our memories then people will tune in in mass. Just under 11 million tuned in last time, but what does that do to the sport? It keeps the status quo.

A problem with keeping the status quo for too long is that eventually the excitement is lost. Who remembers how the NWO started in the world of pro wrestling? Everybody! Who remembers how it ended? A select few. The key is to be constantly changing. We have a chance for that change with the king of the long ball, Bryson DeChambeau.

He is big, beefy Bryson and he has been hammering balls down the course all season. It's inspiring and watching him play as a young guy will make other people watch the sport even more. So for me, a Bryson win does more for golf in the long term than a Tiger win would do in the short term. What do you think?

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