Kyle Trask for Heisman

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Kyle Trask is showing us why we were all so excited a year ago when he got the start for the Gators. He has shown up and shown out with big games every week. Games his team has desperately needed thanks to the Gators lackluster defense.

This season Trask hasn't had the most yards at only 1391, but he is throwing for a ton of touchdowns, 18 which ties him for fourth in the country. He also has not turned the ball over with only two interceptions all season. While his numbers are good enough and are on par with past winners, his conference is both a curse and a blessing.

The SEC is obviously more prestigious than any other conference except for maybe the Big Ten (and that is a very weak maybe). But where the SEC has national champions and standout programs and it will definitely put Trask over the likes of UCF's Dillon Gabriel, their Heisman record isn't as good as you would think.

In the last ten years, three winners have come from the SEC and those were guys who broke records like Joe Burrow, Derrick Henry, and Cam Newton. They weren't just good players on good teams, they were next level guys. The question now is Trask putting up number like those guys did? Well this week will be a good indicator to see if he can get on that level.

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