We Want the Truth!!

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I want to hear it. You want to hear it. We ALLL want to hear the truth for a change from Tom Brady. We know he'll never give it to us. He'll never actually tell us the truth, but it would be nice to hear it at least once.

The Bucs had their midweek press conference. And of course they spoke to everyone you would expect they would. Head coach, defense, and of course, QB Tom Brady. This is what Brady had to say about the upcoming match up vs. the NY Football Giants on Monday night...

"It's gonna be a tough hard nose game. They are very physical, we're going on the road. Monday night game in prime time, we're gonna have to be at our best."

LIES!!! LIES TOM BRADY!!! You sit on a throne of LIES!!

Once. Just once, I'd like to hear Tom Brady say...

"Yea we're not really worried about this game. The Giants suck and we should completely wash their defense. I'm expecting to make a couple of their players want to quit football. But we'll see how it goes, you know any given Sunday. So we'll do what we are best at, but it don't expect to break a sweat Monday night."

ESPECIALLY if he said it in that "matter of fact," "I'm taking this all in stride," "Don't you know who I am?" Tom Brady vocal tone.

Do you think we can EVER get that from a star QB in the NFL??

Well.. a guy can dream can't he?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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