Is it Too Early To Talk About the Magic?

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Let's face it... it's been EXHAUSTING being a Magic fan the past few years. We've seen growth, and then just when it feels like we might have something to work with, we see the team take two steps back. It appears like the team is gelling and taking their coaching and then boom loss after loss after loss. And the worst part is, we KNOW that we are in no position to truly compete with the juggernauts of the NBA. Our draft picks haven't ironed out, and we can't pull of significant trades to help us get over the hump of mediocre.

And with ALLLL of that, true Magic fans are still looking forward to next season. Or this season. (whatever you want to call it)

And that's cuz we also KNOW we have pieces. Augustin, T. Ross, AG, Vucevic, Jonathan Issac, Iwundu, Bamba, Carter-Williams....

COME ON!!!! These are guys that on paper SHOULD be able to at least make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs in the east. No superstars. Nobody has taken their season and made it amazing. But this team should be able to see success as just that, a TEAM.

But in the midst, there are numerous disappointments. Aaron Gordon has not NEARLY lived up to what we all desired to see out of him. Everyone who love the Blue and White KNOWS that Aaron Gordon should be playing above the Jason Collins, Sabonis, Porzingis level. We KNOW IT!!! I feel like the woman who married a man for his potential. WE KNOW AG HAS WHAT IT TAKES!!

And HOWWWW LONG must Vuce been the double double machine with nothing to show for it?!?! Can I please see the fire of Fultz and Carter-Williams rotating and zooming through defenses? We KNOW what this team is supposed to be. But we've yet to be able to reach the top of the tree to taste the fruit.

But my friends, I'm ready to declare THIS is the season we see the Magic team we've been waiting years for. Now I'm not crazy enough to declare Finals appearance. But I am ready to say, 2nd round playoffs at a MINIMUM!! And with a shortened season, I can feel the momentum moving forward. The Magic are officially DONE being in the muddy middle of the NBA.


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