Kravitz's Latest Top 8 NFL MVP's: Week 6 Edition!

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap- WEEK 2: 8- Gardner Minshew- 7- Ryan Tannehill 6- Lamar Jackson- 5- Devin White 4- Josh Allen - 3- Aaron Jones- 2- Russell Wilson- 1. Kyler Murray

Recap WEEK 3: 8- Devin White- 7- Ryan Tannehill- 6- Lamar Jackson- 5- Alvin Kamara- 4- Josh Allen- 3- Kyler Murray- 2- Aaron Rodgers- 1! Russell Wilson

RECAP Week 4: 8- Ryan Tannehill- 7- Kyler Murray- 6- Pat Mahomes- 5- Tom Brady- 4- Josh Allen- 3- Alvin Kamara-2- Aaron Rodgers- 1!- Russell Wilson

RECAP Week 5: 8- Pat Mahomes- 7- Dalvin Cook- 6- Teddy Bridgewater- 5- TJ Watt- 4- Alvin Kamara- 3- Kyler Murray- 2- Aaron Rodgers- Number 1! Russell Wilson

Week 6:

8- Devin White- Back on the list! This dude was a game-wrecker on Sunday, he was the MVP on the field yesterday, and that was a field that included, 3 guys that have been on this list before. (Brady, Rodgers, & Aaron Jones).

7- Lamar Jackson- Back on the list after a dominant week against Philly, not his fault the defense fell asleep and almost let the Eagles back into that game. Jackson is 16th in the league in rushing after going over 100 yards rushing. (3 game win streak)

6- Aaron Rodgers- From 2 to 6 this week. He was dreadful, but that doesn’t undo all the greatness I’ve seen from him this year. Prior to yesterday, the Packers hadn’t had a single 3 and out all year.

5- Alvin Kamara- Slides back 1 spot just because we had so much great play this week and he was on a bye, but next week he gets the Panthers and will have his shot to climb back into the top 4.

4- Ryan Tannehill- Back on the list as well. In fact, last week was his first week off the list, and I regret not remaing more bullish on him. Derrick Henry is great, but this team is unbeaten because of Tannehill’s ability to keep putting up points, this “game-manager” is winning shootouts.

3- Kyler Murray- He’s sitting still after placing 3rd last week, and if you don’t think he belongs this high on the list…just wait to see what he looks like tonight against Dallas’s high school defense.

2- Tom Brady- His value stretches so much further than statistics. Down 10 points to the Packers, in the biggest game of the year thus far, coming off a loss on national TV…this is where the Bucs would usually fall apart as an organization…not with Tom, he’s unwavering in his approach, and TB12 has officially permeated throughout the locker room.

Number 1! Russell Wilson- Bye week winner, doesn’t move a muscle on this list, still the best QB in the game right now, and he’s undefeated despite playing with a suspect o-line, and an even more suspect defense.

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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