Does an NBA Title Make Dwight Howard a Slam-Dunk HOF'er?

Dwight Howard is an NBA champion. That is a fact. An absolute, stone-cold fact, and there’s no disputing it. And he did it here in Orlando, but that’s besides the point…

Dwight Howard is one of the toughest stars to figure out in NBA history, it’s his odd personality. His goofy/clownish demeanor. It’s his oddly rumored personal life…his clunky exit from Orlando, his rise to stardom, and his fall from grace.

Dwight is the full spectrum of top-end NBA superstar to untapped potential, never accomplished what we thought he could.

Dwight has the accolades that would legitimately put him in the hall of fame.

8x All NBA

8x All-Star

5x All-NBA defense

5x Rebounding champ

3x defensive player of the year

2x block champ

Olympic gold medalist

Hell, he was even a dunk contest champ.

And now, you can add NBA champion to that resume…technically.

See, I’m not sure Dwight is a hall of famer, because when you tell the Dwight story, there’s as much down as there is up. But whether he gets in or not, we CAN NOT and MUST NOT, add NBA champion as part of the reason why. The dude averaged 8 min per game in the final 3 games of the finals, he was a fly on the wall for this ring @ the end of the day…great player, maybe a HOF’er. But not because of the ring.

2020 NBA Finals - Game Five

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