Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson deserves to have us talk about him more often. Week after week, Sunday after Sunday, we talk about Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Pat Mahomes and Klyer Murray and Joe Burrow and on and on. WHYYYY don't we talk more about Russell Wilson?? Why don't I talk more about Russell Wilson?

He's got all the qualifications right? Super Bowl champion... Amazing personality... Great football IQ... Awesome coach... Super hott wife... Like seriously what is he missing? is there anyone over the past 4 years that didnt believe the Seahawks could sneak in and make their way to the Super Bowl?

Russell and Ciara

And just when we start shouting all these other names, Russell shows up like he did last night, in primetime, under the lights, with 2 minutes left to go, and down a touchdown. And what does he do? He goes 94 yards and punches the ball into the end zone of 4th down with seconds left to go in the game!!

He performance last night was magnificent, and I'm going to dedicate to making sure his name is in the conversation more often!

Oh and in case you didn't know....


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