Kravitz's Latest Top 8 NFL MVP's: Week 5 Edition!

Week 5:

8- Pat Mahomes- The reigning SB MVP worked his way on to the list last week for the first time and then they lose?! Not good Pat. Although it wasn’t Mahomes who gave up 40 to the Raiders, still have to dock him a couple points.

7- Dalvin Cook- He was knocked out of last night’s game, finishing with just 65 yards, yet he still has more rushing yards than anyone else in the NFL by 100 yards! The Vikings were going to win that game last night if they had Cook, who proved, in his absence, just how valuable he really is.

6- Teddy Bridgewater- Started the season 0-2, but since then, Teddy has led the Panthers to 3 straight wins, and Mr. Dink and Dunk, is actually 5th in the league in pass yards. 6 TD’s and 1 turnover in the last 3 weeks.

5- TJ Watt- I’ve had my eye on Watt for weeks now, and we’ve got to give the defense some love, so with 5 through 8 up for grabs, let’s give some credit to the defense. With 4.5 sacks, he’s one of the league leaders in that department. No one pressures the QB more than the Steelers and he’s the #1 reason why. 4-0, largely because of D.

4- Alvin Kamara- Not a whole lot of change inside my top 4, Kamara hasn’t played yet this week, but he’s been sensational. The most dynamic play maker so far this season, he is keeping the Saints run game and pass game afloat.

3- Kyler Murray- My biggest riser this week! From 7 back up to 3, and I know he played the Jets, who make everybody look good, but man, this guy is a one man highlight reel. He is developing as a passer, great connection with D-Hop, and he’s the tea’s

2- Aaron Rodgers- Off week for Rodgers but man, this dude is making it Big Bob Tonyan look like Shannon Sharpe in his prime, so much for needing weapons, A-Rod is over here making his own arsenal. Curious to see what he looks like next week in Tampa.

Number 1! Russell Wilson- I’m at a loss for words at this point. Russell didn’t even play a great game last night, yet he still tossed 3 scores, and led his team down the field for a game-winning drive. He’s basically a lock for the award.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks

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