Why is Tua Not Playing Yet?

We are entering Week 5 of the NFL season and Dolphins fans are still awaiting the debut of No. 5 overall pick, Tua Tagovailoa. Brian Flores came out and announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick would start this week against the San Francisco 49ers despite a 1-3 record so far on the season.

Are the Dolphins being too cautious with Tua? Are they worried about his health? Kravitz shared his thoughts on that possibility, "What I don't understand is if you're worried about his health, why is he active? If that's the reason you're not playing him, because of his health status, he should not be the backup quarterback."

Something else Kravitz brings up is the idea that maybe Tua's inside his own head regarding the hip injury, "I wonder if the injury has not gotten out of his head yet where Tua is still not acting like somebody who has placed it out of his mind and I think that's a tough spot for a coach to be in."

Miss the segment? You can listen below.


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