How Can Baltimore Help Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson is taking criticism for again failing to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. For his career, he is winless when down by double-digits. How can the Ravens help him overcome this? Austin Gayle explains, "It's not so much that Lamar Jackson starts to immediately struggle when the offense becomes one dimensional. In that game, Ravens receivers dropped 5 passes. Against the Kansas City Chiefs for his career, Lamar Jackson has had 14% of his targets dropped by his receivers, against every other team, 4%. There's reason to have criticism, not so much for Lamar Jackson playing from behind, but Lamar Jackson playing when the lights are on, shining bright on him to perform against a very, very good football team. He's not rising to the occasion when those light are shining brightest on him to be the best player on the football field and that comes with experience."

Austin Gayle also talks about which surprising 3-0 team he's buying into the most and which quarterback struggling right now he and everyone else are talking about over at Pro Football Focus.

Catch the podcast with Austin below.


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