Is Jamal Murray a Superstar Now?

The Denver Nuggets have come back from 3-1 deficits in back-to-back series against the Jazz and the Clippers. They now face a 2-1 deficit against LeBron James and the L.A. Lakers.

During the regular season, Jamal Murray was thought of as a nice player but his play during the postseason in the bubble has really stepped up. So far in the playoffs, Murray's averages for points, assists, rebounds, shooting percentage, 3-pt percentage, and minutes played have all increased and most have increased pretty significantly.

He has hit big shots when needed as he and Nikola Jokic have really put the Nuggets on their backs.

Has Murray done enough to put him into superstar status? Dan Feldman says not yet, "He is playing like a superstar, there is no question. If he keeps this up, he is a superstar but this is such a small sample. I appreciate what he's doing but to me, you have to do this over a larger sample."

Dan talks about what he's seen so far in both conference finals matchups as well and you can listen to the podcast below.


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