Warren Thompson Apologizes, Backs Coach Mike Norvell

Mike Norvell is entering his first season as the Florida State head coach. It's gotten off to a rocky start before ever playing a game with Marvin Wilson threatening a player boycott and then Warren Thompson calling out the leadership at FSU for how they have been handling the health of him and his teammates.

Both situations ended up getting worked out. Wilson said he appreciated Norvell encouraging him to use his platform to speak up for what they believe in and now Thompson is apologizing and changing the way he views how Florida State is handling the challenges of an upcoming season.

Via USA Today:

"With all the fear in the world, the confusion and concerns regarding this matter may cloud judgment on this arising problem in this country. My apologies on comments earlier this week that did not accurately depict my feelings towards this program and its leadership."

Florida State held their first scrimmage on Saturday and get back to practice on Monday.


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