Marc Daniels Top 5 NBA Bubble Performers

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four

Sure, it would be easy to run down the performances of Damian Lillard, Devin Booker and TJ Warren.....but why do that when you can do this.....

Top 5 Basketball Performers in Movies

5. Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro) - The Flint Tropics owner/GM/center. Moon's talents might be tough to see if you focus on his ownership duties. But he's a big body that can box out and give you quality minutes. Selfish player that puts his players first and who doesn't like that.

4. Bupkus (Space Jam) - The purple monster (also played by Larry Johnson in cartoon form).Bupkus is a powerful Karl Malone body that can play on both ends of the floor. His voice is powerful in leading the Monsters and part of any team's scouting report on a player to watch. 

3. Sidney Deane (White Men Can't Jump) - Playground legend may not have the best outside shot but unstoppable moves to the basket and a no look pass to an open shooter has led to much cash on the court. His trash talking can be both a positive and negative but his passion can never be questioned.

2. Jimmy Chitwood (Hoosiers) - The sharp shooter saved a coach, team and town for crying out loud. Hickory doesn't get out of the first round without Chitwood. His dead-eye range opened the floor for his teammates and when the state title was on the line, he was not about to accept the role of a decoy. He drained the jumper.

1. Neon Boudeaux (Blue Chips) -Alcindor, Walton and Boudeaux. Arguably the three greatest big men in college basketball history. Boudeaux was simply dominant in leading the Dolphins of Western University in that famous win over Bobby Knight's Indiana Hoosiers- who for some reason had Duke point guard Bobby Hurley on their team. Not sure whatever happened to Boudeaux after the violations came out at Western. But Shaquille O'Neal clearly looks like he tried to imitate Boudeaux's game in the NBA.

That's what I got......

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