Friday Top 5: @BrandonKravitz's NBA "Bubble Ballers"

So, we as a station have decided, as a unit…we are going to deliver you a TOP 5 FRIDAY every Friday or for as long as me, Bianchi, and Daniels are motivated to do so…different topic each week, probably something relevant to what is currently going on in the world of sports or the world in general. This week’s topic, Bubble Ballers. Specifically, individuals who crushed the Orlando/Disney Bubble.

So, who are my top performers? Check out the list below and hear Chris and I discuss it live at 4pm this afternoon. Direct your hate tweets to @BrandonKravitz

5...TJ Warren. He came into the bubble a relative unknown and in his first 3 games, scores 119 points. Now, he trailed off quite a bit after that, getting shutdown by Jimmy Butler, but still...a 53 point game, 32, 34, and 39 against the Lakers. This guy made a name for himself @ Disney.

4...Lou Williams/NBA Testing. This man almost single handedly ruined the bubble with his Magic City visit! Wings....really dude. No one is buying that. Anyway, credit where credit is due. COVID testing inside the bubble wasn't just damn near perfect, it was perfect! Not a single positive test amongst the thousands distributed. And, if you take out the Lou Williams incident and the bad food on day one, not a single negative story has come out. Truly amazing.

3...Devin Booker. Averaging 31 points and 6.1 assists, he was a killer in the bubble. Not a single bad game, 8-0 and he's the biggest reason why.

2...Nick Nurse. Has anyone upped their stock more in the eyes of basketball fans more in the last year plus than Nick Nurse? How do you lose a top 3 player in the world, and without replacing him, DON'T SKIP A BEAT! Amazing. Only 1 loss in the bubble, the Raptors are great, and he deserves a load of cred for it.

1...Damian Lillard benefits from recency bias. Ask us this question a week ago and everyone puts TJ Warren at the top of the list. (Prior to last night) In his last two games, he has had two of the best individual performances so far. 51 points against Philadelphia followed by a monster 61 point game against Dallas.Oh, and then, he clinches the postseason by scoring 42 against the Nets (12 assists as well). Well done Dame.

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat

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