Tacko Fall Hits the Links with Mo Bamba

The tallest golfer to ever win a major on the PGA Tour was 6'5" George Archer who won the 1969 Masters tournament.

Not that we will ever see Tacko Fall on the PGA Tour but that didn't stop him from hitting the links with Magic big man Mo Bamba.

This was the second video posted as Bamba in the first video of Tacko Fall's swing said, "There are so many things wrong with this video."

Again, to put this in comparison, Tacko is 7'6" while the the tallest golfer to ever win a major was 6'5". That makes him over a foot taller and his swing isn't the worst.

Mine is pretty bad but you don't care about mine. I do know that he needs to keep his front foot planted when he swings though.


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