How Much Do You Pay For ESPN Channels Each Month?

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Numbers are part of lives every day. In sports, some numbers are more famous than others: batting .400, 2,000 yards rushing, a 59 in a round of golf, a sub 10-second 100 meters and 0-the number of NBA titles won by the Knicks in the last 40+ years.

But today, we share some numbers that might be of interest:

$9.06: That's what you pay for ESPN's channels on a monthly basis if you have cable. Anthony Crupi, who analyzes the TV industry, writes the average network costs you about $0.40 per month. Add it up for the year and ESPN brings in $8.8 billion in cable fees alone.

0: We noted this in our discussion about Jonathan Isaac's ACL tear, according to writer Mark Suleymanov's column at, since 2010 33 players returned from an ACL injury and none of them have made an all-star appearance upon their return. Kristaps Porzingis is the 34th to return.

119: Number of points scored by TJ Warren scored in three games at Disney. Warren is 47-72 in shooting (65%).

1: Number of seasons Aaron Judge has made more than $1 million dollars in a season. Judge has made salaries of $544,500, $622,300 and $684,300 in his first three years with the Yankees. Judge was set to make $8.5 million this year before the shortened season.

6 and 1166: The number of interceptions and passing attempts for Aaron Rodgers the last two seasons. Sure, Rodgers may be the best at throwing passes away instead of taking the extra hits. But think about these numbers. In all those attempts he has just 6 picks.

$5.5 billion: The value of the Dallas Cowboys, who for the fifth straight year finished atop Forbes List of Most Valuable Franchises. The Yankees, Knicks, Lakers and Warriors round out the top 5.

$436.8 million: The amount Cal's athletic department has in debt. Per Sportico, the Bears comfortably lead the nation in that category. While carrying some debt is not bad business in college sports, that amount is beyond staggering. How bad? One Cal administrator has wondered if the school would be better off.....dropping football.

Final thought: The term "Baker's Dozen" is not because bakers wanted to give you an extra item. It's because English bakers were required to sell goods by the dozen but also at a minimum weight. To make sure that dozen made weight, they usually added an extra item to cover any potential short. Years later, it has become known that the extra item became the profit for the baker beyond the cost of the first 12...

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