Aaron Rodgers Sees Writing on the Wall

15 years, one Super Bowl, and a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback. Aaron Rodgers has spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers but if you listen to him, he believes his time in Wisconsin could soon be coming to an end.

Rodgers was speaking with Kyle Brandt and he was talking about some of the receivers he liked as the Packers were waiting to make their first selection of the draft. He then notes that he "definitely perked up a little bit" when he saw that Green Bay had traded up, thinking that they were going to select one of those receivers.

They obviously did not, instead drafting quarterback Jordan Love.

Rodgers admits that he wasn't thrilled with the pick (obviously) but he drank some tequila and called Love the next day to congratulate him.

As far as his future goes, he explained that he knows it's a business, he knows that the Packers traded in order to draft Love, and he knows that they want to play him. "Just look at the facts. They traded up, they drafted him, obviously they like him, they wanna play him."

He says he doesn't have any bad feelings towards Love but does reiterate that he was bummed out given that the team was only one game away from another Super Bowl.

Rodgers says he wants to play into his 40s (he's currently 36) and is under contract with the Packers until 2023. He wanted to play his entire career in Green Bay but knows that probably won't happen.

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