Would You Watch: UCF vs Florida On Pay-Per-View

Central Florida v Florida Atlantic

Let's begin by saying this won't happen. Let me repeat: "This will not happen."

With that out of the way, here's a scheduling idea that generates money, fan interest and safety.

As college football tries to figure out how to play a season, it is becoming apparent schedule flexibility is a must.The Big Ten and Pac-12 have already decided to play a conference only schedule. It appears the ACC is interested in a model that allows for at least one non-conference game, which helps keep rivalry games like Florida-FSU, Clemson-South Carolina and Georgia-Georgia Tech.

The SEC has several options including playing a 12-game schedule down to maybe an 8+2 model that allows for league games and a pair of non-conference games.

The Big 12 appears like it wants to schedule 15 games- this is sarcasm. But the league seems to be interested in playing as many games as possible.

Meanwhile, UCF has already lost a game against FAMU when the Rattlers opted out of fall football. The Knights may also be close to losing their season opening home against North Carolina and a trip to Georgia Tech.

The AAC seems to be willing to wait for the SEC/ACC/Big 12 decisions before locking down its plan.

But here's an idea or two that finds a way to make money-which all programs need, generates fan interest and is safer for all parties.

Florida will certainly keep a non-conference game against rival Florida State. But what if the Gators can play a second non-SEC game? Their current schedule features games at home against Eastern Washington, South Alabama and New Mexico State.................pause.........let that sink in.........those are actual games scheduled.

There is no way Eastern Washington or New Mexico State is coming across the country to play in Gainesville. And I don't see South Alabama making the cut if the SEC and other P5 leagues are adamant about the testing procedures of their opponents.

UCF and the American have adopted similar guidelines put in place by the power leagues,

So, here's a thought to digest. Florida vs UCF from Camping World Stadium on Pay-Per-View. Fans pay $64.99 for a wrestling or UFC event, why not pay for a college football game? There is a flaw in this idea because the media rights for both schools are owned by either ABC/ESPN or CBS any game on their schedule would likely see those rights owned by those networks. But ESPN+/PPV has a working model for the UFC so allow us to continue to pitch the idea.

Whether fans could attend in some form is not known but it would not include a full stadium. But give the legion of fans for both schools a chance to watch in the comfort and safety of their own home and imagine the interest. The money generated becomes a nice nugget for both schools who are weaving their way through budget challenges.

So we have a money making game that has fan interest and also focuses on safety. Both schools do not need to get on a plane and can truly drive to the stadium and home and not deal with the many issues of checking into a hotel and all that goes with that.

What's that....Florida would never go for playing the game in Orlando at Camping World Stadium. UCF should go to Gainesville? That's for others to decide where to play the game.

But it's been classic college football fan fodder over the last two years whether the two schools should/could play and whether it should be a home-and-home series or a 2-for-1 contract.

Now here's a chance where both parties can make money and give most fans more to chat about.

Look, Florida has no reason to play UCF. It can have the stance that UCF needs a game against the Gators more and you'd be right. 

But this season, if we even have one, is odd already. And if we are going to play non-conference games, all teams need to be flexible and creative.

And while we are on this, should the Florida idea not work, call Miami. The Canes have already lost a road game at Michigan State and currently have a schedule that features Temple, Wagner and UAB at home to start the season. You get the picture. See above for why those games are likely not going to be played. UCF and Miami have tried for years to find a deal and play. Maybe here's a chance.

My guess is the SEC settles on a schedule of either 9 league games and one non-conference or 10 +1 because its media partners will want more league content. With that thought, Florida has its non-conference game. The ACC may settle on the same thing.

So, what about Kansas? No. Play South Florida twice before that.

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