OPINION: Zero Positive Bubble Tests Shows Major Issues in our Society

No need to jump around this. Here we go.

Out of 346 tests in the NBA bubble and out of 1345 tests in the MLS bubble, resulted in zero positive tests. These numbers are fantastic because it means the bubbles are working! We get to keep our sports!

But I’m mad at these numbers as well. You know what zero positive tests means, especially coming from the NBA? It means quarantining works. It means that when you shut everything down you can get the virus under control. Remember back a couple of months when we tried to do that but not everybody committed the way people did in Italy or the UK or Canada, people got antsy after a couple weeks and, if we are being honest, not a big enough group took the stay at home order seriously enough. Well guess what, here’s the proof. Politics aside look at this data. Zero positive tests inside either bubble. NONE. ZERO. 

But now here we are months later after the initial air quotes “shutdown” and we are at a worse point than we’ve ever been. But it’s too late to shut things down again because its a political move and its trying to strip away our rights and its this and its that. So we are trying the next best thing, masks and people hate those too. So while these numbers are great because I get to watch grown men play a game, I’m frustrated because we could be doing so much better as a nation if we had just come together like the NBA and MLS have done.

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