Baseball Season Could Still be in Jeopardy

$11.8 million. That's (roughly) the amount of money David Price will forfeit by deciding to opt out of playing MLB's 60-game schedule this year. He may not be alone as players still have time to decide whether they want to opt out of playing this year because of COVID-19 concerns.

Positive tests continue to rise. Atlanta Braves slugger Freddie Freeman contracted the virus and was one of four Braves to test positive. The Philadelphia Phillies had seven players test positive.

Teams are having groups of players not show up for workouts as they sit on the fence about whether they want to play or not.

From USA Today:

“I think there’s still some doubt that we’re going to have a season now,’’ St. Louis Cardinals reliever Andrew Miller, a member of the players union’s executive subcommittee, said Sunday. “By no means is this a slam dunk. We’re trying, we’re going to give it our best effort, but for me to sit here and say 100% would be a lie.’’

MLB's biggest star, Mike Trout, is also uncertain if he wants to play.

Also via USA Today:

Certainly, no one is under more pressure than Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout, the best player in baseball.

He is trying to decide whether or not to play this season, balancing the responsibility to his family and to the game.

Trout’s wife, Jessica, is expecting their first baby in August. He is not missing the birth. He is not missing the chance to hold his baby for the first time.

And, with exception of paternity leave, he really doesn’t want to miss the season, either.

“I love baseball, but I have to do what’s right for my family,’’ says Trout, who has worn a mask during his workouts. “It’s going to come down to how safe we’re going to be. If there’s an outbreak, you definitely have to reconsider. …It takes one guy to bring that into the clubhouse, and you know how contagious this virus is. It’s going to be tough to contain.”

Major League Baseball is set to release the schedule for the season on Monday night. However, there's still a possibility that there will not be a baseball season this year.

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