Where are the @Jaguars? ((UPDATED))


To their credit, Shad Khan, Jags owner has since come out with a strongly worded op-ed condeming racism in this country. I encourage you to read it. Jaguars.com

This is what I said earlier today...

Whether its for show or an effort to start real change, teams across the State of Florida and this country showed solidarity in posting the black square, affirming their stance against police brutality towards Black America.

But what about the Jacksonville Jaguars?

I combed through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their own website. Not a word. Not a sentence. Not a hashtag. Not an image.

Perhaps by the time you read this, that will have changed. But I noticed this on #BlackoutTuesday and gave them a full 24 hours before deciding to pen this blog post. To me, its not about when you post your support, it doesn't matter if your the 1st or the 50th. If you post support, you are hereby supportive. Now, I have gone on record to say, I don't want to get in the business of guilt tripping any individual for not making a statement or blasting out I'M NOT RACIST on social media, if that's you, then great. If it's not, that's ok too. The important thing is that you act the right way in your personal life, and if you have children, or people that look up to you, you teach them the same.

But the Jags are not an individual. They are a business, a business that profits largely off the talent and exposure afforded to them by the black athletes who take the field. They might want to know you stand with them. The fans who buy your jerseys or attempt to fill up your stadium that are black, they might want to know, that in this time of crisis, you're with them.

The Jags have failed to do this and its a shame.

Don't worry, they are posting Josh Lambo highlights though...

Screenshot of their site as of 6/3/20 @ 9:27am.

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