VIDEO: John Daly Say He Can "Fix" Tom Brady

John Daly offers golf lessons to Tom Brady, saying "I can fix him!" on video. Bold claim John. Tom sort of figured things out on the back 9, are you sure he needs that much training to take down Peyton Manning on the course? He seems to think so...

"I'm down in Clearwater," Daly says, "he's a Buc now, so if he wants to come out, we'll go play golf or I'll meet him -- I can help him in 10 minutes!"

Tom's biggest problem, according to Daly? It's all about the driver ... John tells us Tom's refusal to use one because of lack of confidence in the club is KILLING the QB's scores.

"That's the easiest club in the bag to hit," Daly says. "It's the biggest face in your bag. And, somebody's not helping him. We need to get his driver right. We got to give him a driver."

"He'd hit it probably an extra 100 yards," Daly tells us, "and the whole game would change for him."

Video below.

Safeway Open - Round One

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