Mike Tyson's Return is AWESOME! Makes HUGE Impact on AEW Dynamite


As wrestling fan for most of my life, seeing stories that call back to past stories are what get me going and that's exactly what happened on AEW Dynamite last night. Mike Tyson came out surrounded by some of best MMA fighters of all time and brawled it up with Chris Jericho's Inner Circle. Jericho called back to a time on RAW when the most dangerous man alive KO'd him for DX.

But you really want to know why it was awesome? Because this whole thing was a bizarre mix of fun, reality, and good old fashion wrestling. Nothing gets the fans at home hyped like a brawl and having the star power of Jericho, Tyson, Henry Cejudo, Rashad Lewis and others made this feel big and important. In a world where the only sport we have right now are fast cars, this was a fantastic change of pace.

What do you think?

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