Nitpicking the Bucs Schedule

Primtime games are typically to showcase the top talent. Thursday night games are usually the "worst" of the bunch but the color rush uniforms (for the most part) are nice to look at. The Bucs are tied with seven other teams for the most primetime games with five.

There are two primetime games, to me at least, the Bucs have that are a bit head-scratching when you look at the totality of their schedule. The Bucs primetime games are week 5 at the Bears (Thursday night), week seven at the new Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday night), week eight at the Giants (Monday night), week nine against the Saints (Sunday night), and week 11 against the Rams (Monday night).

Weeks five and eight strike me as odd. The Bears and Giants in primetime? Really?

The Bucs have the Packers, Chiefs, Panthers twice, and the Vikings that would make for significantly more entertaining primetime games than the Bears and Giants (no disrespect to those teams). The Chiefs and Packers games will be played at 4:25 while both the Panthers matchups and the Vikings game will be played at 1:00.

The Bucs are tied for 16th for most difficult (or easiest) schedule in the NFL with the rankings based off their opponents' record from last season.

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