One Dolphin Great Remembers Another; Larry Csonka Reflects on Don Shula

Years later, we still remember the 1972 Dolphins team because they pop champagne after the final undefeated team suffers their first loss of the season. Sadly, that team will have one less member after the passing of head coach Don Shula on Monday. He was 90 years old.

One of Shula's former players, Larry Csonka, appeared on NFL Now on Monday to remember his head coach, "Winning was important to him, but not at all costs. He had to win within the rules or it didn't count, in his mind. That's the way we approached the game. Now that did not stunt him from being one of the most driven people I've ever been around. That's why it's so hard to believe this. I was just with him, just the last Super Bowl, and Don was so very much alive and so dominant, whether you're in a meeting or in a gathering with him present, he's such a dominant figure, that you never think about him passing."

The Hall-of-Fame coach is the winningest coach of all-time with 347 wins, both regular and postseason, two Super Bowl victories, and won Coach of the Year four times.

"There's one reason there was one undefeated in the whole history of the 100 years of the NFL, and that reason was Don Shula." - Larry Csonka

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