Cam Newton Should Sit Out This Year

It's been a tough couple of years for Cam Newton. His 2018 season ended early because of a shoulder and last year he only played in two games because of a Lisfranc injury. Adding insult to injury, the team he's spent his entire nine-year career with, the Carolina Panthers, decided to cut ties with him and bring in Teddy Bridgewater.

Now Cam is looking for work but not having much luck. He's been rumored to the Patriots but they don't appear interested. The Chargers wanted to stick with Tyrod Taylor and then they added Justin Herbert through the draft. For now, it appears all of the starting positions are filled and there is only a couple backup positions out there.

Because of the coronavirus, teams can't meet with Cam face-to-face and he can't take a physical with prospective team doctors.

While the injuries are a concern, Cam is good enough to be a starter in the NFL and would be too high-profile to be in a backup role.

So what is he to do?

Why not sit out the year?

Use the year to build up your strength, make sure your injuries are completely healed, and maybe land on a team you want to play for.

Injuries take longer to heal, the body isn't as strong, and father time will always be undefeated. He's on the back end of his career and his body has taken a beating over the last nine years.

He's too good of a talent to take a backup role and the attention he would get should he take a backup role could cause some unintended drama. The questions will always be around of, "When will we see Cam starting?" any time the starter struggles.

Just sit out a year and get your head and your body right.

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