Kravitz's Blue Chip Prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft

Some guys feel like “can’t miss” prospects coming into the draft. Every once in a while, maybe even most years, there’s one, maybe 2 guys who you just know are going to be successful…Let’s review…and this is with the benefit of hindsight, but I’ll try not to use it too much…take a look @ some of these names of guys that we knew would be good…and we turned out to be correct:

·Saquon Barkley 2018

·Quinton Nelson 2018

·Jamal Adams 2017

·Andrew Luck 2012

·Myles Garrett 2017

·Nick Bosa 2019

·Joey Bosa 2016

·Ezekiel Elliot 2016

This year’s draft is special, because I think there are number of these guys, which makes this one of the better draft classes we’ve seen in a while. Here's my list of 'can't miss' prospects below

·Joe Burrow QB LSU

·Tua Tagovailoa QB Bama

·Chase Young DE OSU

·Derrick Brown DT Auburn

·Jeff Okudah CB OSU

·Jerry Jeudy WR Bama

·CeeDee Lamb WR OU

·Johnathan Taylor RB Wisconsin

Now, we never know who isn’t going to pan out due to injury, but all of things guys have the ability to be outstanding pros. Should be a great draft with this much ‘can’t miss’ talent coming into the draft.

LSU v Alabama

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