Spring Training is not being kind to the Astros

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Seven


The Houston Astros, known cheaters in Major League Baseball, are not having a good spring training. For most, a long vacation in Florida seems nice, but the Astros are getting booed, plunked, and dragged through the mud. Nobody cares how these games turn out as long as the Astros know that what they did was wrong.

Some stadiums have been forced to remove signs about the Astros cheating scandal.

Baseball pitchers have taken it into their own hands to dish out punishment on the Astros. Noah Syndergaard specifically waited until first pitch time to make sure that the Astros were booed to the fullest extent. He may not have hit the Houston batters, but other pitchers have.

I don't see this ending any time soon.

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