Could we see Tim Tebow in the XFL? Don't count on it

Spring training starts next week for Major League Baseball. Tim Tebow reported to the team earlier this week and on Sunday, spoke to the media and touched on a variety of topics including Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, and...the XFL.

Could we see Tebow in the XFL? He admitted that there had been some communication but he ultimately wants to play baseball.

Via SNY, "Yeah there was some communication," Tebow said. "We had a couple conversations... I love what they're doing, and I think it has a chance to have success, and I think that's great.

"I think there needs to be a place for a lot of players that are really good, and should and could be playing in the NFL, and are better than a lot of NFL players. There's a chance they're going to be seen. So I think it's awesome, and I think it's good for a lot of guys that are going to get a spot on an NFL roster because they're going to show a team they're worth it. But for me, this is what I wanted to do and pursue it, and be all in."

Tebow hasn't played football since 2015.

As for his pursuit to join the major leagues, he was asked if he has experienced doubt during his journey and he answered it in true Tebow fashion.

At age 32, there probably isn't much time left for Tim Tebow to make it to the majors but you can be sure he won't give up.

The New York Mets play their first spring training game in six days when they take on the St. Louis Cardinals.

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