The 2009 recruiting class: Where are they now?

USC v Stanford

Recruiting is hard. Just ask any college football coach ever and they will tell you that it is a daily grind that can tear you apart if you're not ready for it. Even some of the top recruits end up being busts. Now with ten years to look back on it, let's see how the top recruits of 2009 panned out.

  1. Matt Barkley
  2. Manti T'eo
  3. Russell Shepard
  4. Dre Kirkpatrick
  5. Jacobbi Daniel
  6. Trent Richardson
  7. Craig Loston
  8. Bryce Brown
  9. Jelani Jenkins
  10. Reuben Randle

Oof. Some of those didn't end up well.

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