Podcast: Listeners and @BianchiWrites react to Kobe Bryant's passing


There are some days where there is only one topic. Most of the time it's the Friday before the Super Bowl or the day of the NFL Draft, but then there are days like today. The only topic on anyone's mind is that of the loss of Kobe Bryant.

He is a legend in the NBA. Fourth all-time leading scorer, the perennial Laker, he is the name we shout when we shoot a paper ball into the trash bin. Kobe Bryant was 41 years old and died in a helicopter crash with his daughter GiGi and seven others.

Days like today are hard, both as a radio personality and as a fan of sports. It's the suddenness and the tragedy that has left many of us with a sense of loss and emptiness. Hopefully, today we can discuss the whole story of Kobe Bryant in the best way possible.

Take a listen to Open Mike.

RIP Kobe.

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