Tom Brady Takes to Instagram and Posts About His Future

The Patriots won 10+ games for the 18th time in 19 years but this year was much different than the previous. The lack of weapons for Tom Brady, the in ability to protect him, tight end play was non-existent and yet they still found a way to 12 games. The defense was a major reason but they fell apart in week 17 against the Dolphins which cost the team a first-round bye and then again against the Titans when Derrick Henry had his way with them en route to eliminating the Patriots.

Major questions surround New England this offseason but the two biggest ones are: What's next for Bill Belichick? What's next for Tom Brady?

It's perhaps the biggest story in all of sports that Tom Brady is an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career. There's plenty of rumors for where he could play next. Teams such as Tennessee, Dallas, and L.A. Chargers. Of course other possibilities are returning to the Patriots or retirement.

Based on a post Brady put up on Instagram, you can rule out the latter.

Of course Brady has nothing left to prove. He's won multiple Super Bowls, Super Bowl MVP awards, he's second on the all-time passing yards list and passing touchdowns list (both behind Drew Brees), and has the most wins and playoff wins all-time by a quarterback so should he choose to retire, he will undoubtedly be a first-ballot Hall-of-Fame inductee.

If you're like me however, you expect Brady to come back with the Patriots because his career can't end on a pick 6.

Only time will tell what Brady decides to do but I can't see him putting on another uniform.

But that's just me.

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