Michael Thomas is More Valuable than Christian McCaffrey

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints

Christian McCaffrey has been a hell of a player since coming into the league back in 2017. His workload increases as does his production and he never comes off the field. This season, CMC became the third player in NFL history to achieve the 1,000 / 1,000 season (1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving).

CMC also never leaves the field. The only time you ever see him on the sidelines is when the defense is on the field.

Let's not forget about Saints receiver Michael Thomas.

Like CMC, Thomas also had a record-breaking season as he broke Marvin Harrison's single-season receptions record. This year Thomas was able to bring in 149 receptions, and that's with Drew Brees missing five games in the middle of the season and Teddy Bridgewater throwing him the ball.

The entire Saints offense changes if Michael Thomas is out of the lineup. New Orleans with him in is one of the best offenses in the league and they are in a three-way tie for the second best record in the NFL.

One of these guys will probably win the NFC Offensive Player of the Year Award which is nice, but both of them do bring a lot of value to their team. In my eyes, Michael Thomas is more valuable than Christian McCaffrey because of what he's able to do despite the opposition game-planning for him and the Saints winning 10+ games.

Lamar Jackson will rightfully win the MVP but both CMC and Michael Thomas should be considered with Thomas finishing ahead of McCaffrey.

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