Ben Simmons Made His First Three-Pointer...So What?

Ben Simmons fired up 1600

I'm a big Philadelphia 76ers fan and I'm rooting for them to win an NBA Championship for the first time in my lifetime. Hell, they haven't been to an NBA Finals since 2001 with Allen Iverson.

Through the long years of tanking, high draft picks missing entire seasons at a time, to now, things are looking good. Ben Simmons is coming off his first all-star appearance, Joel Embiid is his normal dominant self, and last year's addition of Tobias Harris and this offseason's signing of Al Horford has me and other Sixers fans excited.

Something else that has Sixers fans through-the-roof excited was the fact that Ben Simmons hit his first three-point shot in his career. The reactions are as you would expect.

But let's not forget the original call and the excitement of that.

These are great and all but so what? Who cares that Simmons hit a three? Isn't that his job, to score? He's a great player but this overreaction is a bit ridiculous.

Maybe now that he hit his first, this infatuation with his three-point shooting will go away.

Good job, Ben. Now, make a deep playoff run.

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