Can It Be? An AB Apology?

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

I don't need to recap what kind of year it's been for AB. A quick synopsis of it is he's been on three teams (Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots), froze his feet in a cryotherapy chamber, dealt with a helmet issue, has been accused twice of sexual assault, caught a touchdown from Tom Brady, lost roughly $40 million in guaranteed money from both the Raiders and Patriots, and called out both organizations as well as Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Now, AB is out of the NFL but could possibly want back in. He shared several Instagram posts on Monday that showed him photoshopped in an Eagles uniform with people begging him to come to Philly.

On Tuesday, Brown again took to Instagram, this time to apologize to Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization.

Even if a team does sign Antonio Brown, he is under investigation for the sexual assault allegations, though he did meet with the league for about eight hours some time last week.

Only time will tell if we see AB in the NFL helping a team in 2019.

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