Sam Loy Should Stick to Punting

The title of this is "Sam Loy Should Stick to Punting" and you're probably asking yourself, "Who is Sam Loy?"

Well I will tell you.

Sam Loy is the punter for the Arkansas Razorbacks and this past Saturday, Arkansas was taking on Auburn in a game that most expected them to lose. They, in fact, did lose the game by a score of 51-10 but that isn't the story here.

Before I let you know what Sam did, let's revisit this "attempt" at a fake punt by the Indianapolis Colts from a few years back.

Back to Sam Loy now. This is what happened Saturday early on in the second quarter.

Things go wrong, we all can understand and appreciate that. Not sure what exactly was supposed to go down there for Sam and Arkansas but it did not go well. Neither did their day overall as they lost by 41 at home.

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