Will we see Colin Kaepernick in the NFL again?

The NFL and Colin Kaepernick have come to a settlement in Kaepernick's collusion suit against the NFL.

Now that it's over, don't expect the 31-year old QB to disappear. Kaepernick's lawyer, Mark Geragos, believes he will play again in the NFL and it could be next year, "I'm going to make a bold prediction that one of three teams picks him up," Geragos recently told CNN. "The natural would be if Cam Newton is out, then the natural place would be to play with Eric (Reid) in Carolina."

Geragos also listed the Patriots as another team before CNN cut the interview before he could list the third team.

Will we see Colin Kaepernick playing QB in the NFL again? Bianchi and Adam shared their thoughts.

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