Limitless Daily Poll: What did you learn this weekend?


A wild weekend in the State of Florida, as it always is. We saw great performances, massively disappointing performances, and somewhere in the middle...Really, we ran the whole gamut this weekend. 

Question is, what did you learn? 

  • Despite beating a really good Spurs team on the road (117-110), there are major question marks about the health of Magic forward Jonathan Isaac. He missed most of last season with an ankle injury, and now he's out again for an undisclosed amount of time with the same injury. 
  • The Bucs would fall down early against the Panthers (35-7) and STILL left Ryan Fitzpatrick in the game. Dirk Koetter came out after the game and announced Fitzy would still be the starter next week. (clip below) 
  • The Gators lost to Georgia 2 weeks ago in Jacksonville, we can understand that. But, then they follow that up with a blowout loss to Mizzou. Feleipe Franks was benched in the process. (Final score 38-17). 
  • UCF beat a tough Temple team on Thursday, by double digits no less, and somehow moves back two spots in the AP's Top 25. 

What did you learn this weekend? Vote below! 

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