Limitless Daily Poll: Make-or-Blake game vs Philly?


A Jags fans confidence in Blake Bortles is a very fluid proposition. This is Blake's 5th year in the league and Jacksonville sports fans still don't know what to make of Blake Bortles. Sure, the national media has already made up their minds, that he stinks. The Orlando media loves him from his time @ UCF. But that Jacksonville fan base, boy are they conflicted. And we know why...

Bortles has had moments, he's put up #'s, he led his team to an AFC Title game last year, and when he looks good...he looks really good! Jags fans want to believe, they make excuses for Blake like "It's his running game!" or "He has no weapons!" -- But, the truth we all know is that Blake's poor performance is on Blake. The other thing we know, sports fans will hang on as long as possible to that 4 letter word...hope. 

Will Blake restore hope with a win on Sunday? Will Blake earn your confidence? Vote on the poll! 

Minnesota Vikings v Jacksonville Jaguars

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